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  • Northern Lights Tour with Snacks - from Reykjavik
    Our guide found the best spots!
    I was initially unhappy about having to stand out in the freezing cold for 1/2 waiting for the bus. I think they should be able to narrow it down to a 15 minute window, especially in the winter. I also thought that I had booked a small group but a giant bus showed up full of people. However, once our guide introduced himself I was pleasantly surprised. He was very personable and knowledgeable and found great spots for us to see amazing lights without any other buses around so I was willing to forgive the missteps from earlier in the evening. Overall, I would recommend this tour although you should be prepared to spend a decent amount of time waiting on the bus for every last ansel adams wannabe to snap every last photo, no matter how late or how cold.
    Lynn Broder , 31/Dec/2017
  • Secret Lagoon Bath and Northern Lights Hunt with Dinner
    Amazing Experience
    A wonderful trip, well organised with superb guide and friendly helpful driver . A highlight of our stay in Iceland .
    Morag Bocarro, 31/Dec/2017
  • Iceland Northern Lights Tour - from Reykjavik
    Amazing experience but slightly frustrating.
    Myself and my husband went to view the northern lights on boxing day. Our guide was very friendly and helpful and we drove to a car park quite a way out of town. When we got there, there were a few other tours and our guide said it was becoming too crowded as more were due to arrive so we would be moving to a new location and to stay on the bus. However we were just made to sit and wait on the bus for about 15 mins before we moved anywhere! Then when we eventually drove off, the driver then continued to drive for around another 20 mins or so. We could see the northern lights from the coach window and all the passengers wanted to get off but the driver continued to drive for a while longer. By the time he eventually stopped and were able to get off, we did see the lights which was an amazing experience and it was also nice not to be crowded but because we'd been kept waiting for so long, the lights faded soon after we got there. I understand the driver wanting to find us a better location but it would have been better if it was just done a bit quicker. Kind regards Victoria Lane
    victoria lane, 31/Dec/2017
  • Iceland Northern Lights Tour - from Reykjavik
    U get free tour if u don't see it the first night:)
    Pui Chan, 31/Dec/2017
  • Grand Golden Circle Full Day Tour from Reykjavik
    Lovley !
    Lovley tour !
    Alexandra Bran, 30/Dec/2017
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